University Game

A role-play training game for higher education institutions to address individual and organisational unconscious bias.

Why TiLT's University Game?

Higher level institutions have an increasingly diverse student body and fostering an inclusive environment can be a challenge.

Incidences of microaggressions, particularly around gender, race and ethnicity mean that campuses can be a less than welcoming place for many students.

The Game

The game is set in a Generic University (GU) student hall of residence. Players role-play first as Anu, a female student from India, and then as Mike, a male student born in Ireland with Nigerian heritage.


By role-playing as characters who differ in some way from the players’ real world identity, players:

  • Experience situations from a different perspective.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of different identities.
  • Gain knowledge of what happens around those identities in the organisational setting.


The curriculum and storylines in the University Game are developed from:

  • State-of-the-art practice in higher education.
  • Social Science research on the topics and issues surrounding gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Experiential data: analysis of 560 survey responses and 30 in-depth interviews with students in 2021.

Measurable Performance

Students’ awareness surrounding issues on race and gender are assessed before and after playing the game. This offers students feedback on how the game influenced their understanding of these issues.

The anonymised results of students’ understanding can be accessed by university administrators via a customised dashboard. This communicates opportunities for improvement within the organisation.

Play Game

Play the TiLT University Game, developed for our trial partner Trinity College Dublin. Role-play as Anu and Mike as they navigate their first year at university.

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We are developing TiLT in conjunction with Trial Partners from across the world.

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