Police Game

A role-play training game for police organisations to address individual and organisational unconscious biases.

Why TiLT's Police Game?

Police organisations are diverse and officers of different genders, races and ethnicities must work together in cohesive units. They must also work effectively in diverse societies.

The Game

Through playing the Police Game, officers gain knowledge and awareness of their own biases and how to mitigate them in everyday interactions both within the organisational context, and outside of it. Our initial police games include:

Initial Police Games

We are currently developing 2 Police Games:

  • A game set in a Generic Police Department in the United States. This focuses on internal relations among personnel.
  • A game set in a European police service. This focuses on interactions between the police and members of the community in a multi-cultural society.


By role-playing as characters who differ in some way from the players’ real world identity, players:

  • Experience situations involving bias from multiple perspectives.
  • Gain knowledge and awareness of what happens around different identities in the organisational setting.
  • Develop understanding of how individual and organisational decisions impact people in the workplace.


The curriculum and storylines in the Police Game are developed from:

  • Social science knowledge on gender, race, and ethnicity in policing.
  • In-depth interviews with police officers and civilian staff from diverse demographic backgrounds.
  • State-of-the-art practice in police training.

Measurable Performance

Officers’ awareness surrounding issues on race and gender are assessed before and after playing the game. This offers officers feedback on how the game influenced their understanding of these issues.

The anonymised results of officers’ understanding can be accessed by Police administrators via a customised dashboard. This communicates opportunities for improvement within the organisation.

Become a Trial Partner

These role-play games are currently being developed in conjunction with police trial partners including Seattle Police Department and An Garda Síochána, the Irish police department.

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