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Name of study: Transformation inLearning and Training(TiLT): Roleplay Based E-learning to Correct Systemic Bias and Unconscious Bias in Public Service Organisations.

You are being asked to be involved in this research study because your Higher Education Institutionis trialling software developed by Trinity College Dublin. The software is an online game and assessment which together provide training to reduce bias in universities. We are currently trialling this training by getting individuals such as yourself to play through the game scenarios.

Before you decide whether or not you wish to participate in the study, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what taking part involves.

Please take time to read the following information carefully and discuss it with others if you wish. Please ask us if there is anything that is not clear or if you would like more information.

Background information to the study

TILT is a project that aims to provide training to raise awareness of individual and organisational/systemic bias based onpersonal characteristics. This game focuses specifically on how biasesrelated to gender, race, ethnicityand sexuality arisein college settings,and how they can be reduced.TILT has worked with Trinity College to gather interview data with individuals in a higher education organisation about their experiences around gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The anonymized data we collected has formed the basis of content for learning (curricula) and this content has been put into storylines in online gaming scenarios. The content and game are available to trial by organisations via an online platform. By role-playing individuals who differ in some way from the players real world identity, there is an opportunity to experience situations from a different perspective, gaining knowledge and understanding of different identities and what happens around those identities in the organisational setting.

If you consent to play, you will be given alinkto the TiLT module, and you will create an anonymous learner profile, complete a short assessment quiz, play the game, repeat the quiz and receive feedback online. At no point will your identity (name or student number) be recorded in the game or module. The results of assessment are completely anonymised and presented to participating organisations in aggregate formto help inform policyand future training.

If your HEI is offering a badge for participation in the module, they will only be able to see that you have completed the training, not your individual assessment or results.


There will be no direct benefits to participants apart fromthe learning that takes place through the training. However,we hope the results of the study will help us produce further training that helps organisations produce more inclusive procedures and policies, and reduces unintentional bias based on gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.


The game storylines address incidents of racism and sexism, including sexual harassment. Some players may find these incidents upsetting. If you are affected by any of the content of the game, please follow the links to your university’s Equality Office on the page below to see the supports availablein your institution:

Do I have to take part?

It is your choice whether you would like to take part in the study or not. If you do not wish to participate, you do not have to give a reasonfor stopping play. You can change your mind at any timeby leaving the learning platform.

What happens if I take part?

You will be given a link to the TILT learning platform, and you will be given the opportunity to play through the game and complete the assessment. It could take up to 45 minutes to complete the training, but thiswill vary depending on the individual.

This training is being rolled out to all individuals in your organisation. Participants will play the game separately.

Will my records remain confidential?

Your privacy is important to us. You do not share your identity with us. The data you generate is anonymized, meaning thatit is not linked to your real-world identity, and it is not possible to trace it back to you.

What will happen to the results of this research?

The results will contribute to the development of further curricula (learning objectives) and storylines for short games, which will feature scenarios from organisations. Insights from the aggregate, anonymised data may also be used to inform policy at your HEI. In addition, analyses ofthe data may be published in scientific papers.

What do I do if I have any further questions?

Please email the Principal Investigator for TiLT, Dr Anne Holohan:


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What is the lawful basis to use my personal data?

We will use the information you provide to us for this research study which is socialand in the public interest1

What are my rights in relation to your use of my personal data?

You are entitled to:

  • The right to access to your data and receive a copy of it
  • The right to restrict or object to processing of your data
  • The right to object to any further processing of the information we hold about you (except where it is de-identified)
  • The right to have inaccurate information about you corrected or deleted
  • The right to receive your data in a portable format and to have it transferred to another data controller
  • The right to request deletion of your data

unless the request would make it impossible or very difficult to conduct the research. You can exercise these rights by contacting the PI, Dr Anne Holohan [email:] or the Trinity College Data Protection Officer (contact details above).

Please note that these rights relate to data which could identify you (personal data). If your data has been anonymized, we will not be able to access or delete it, as we will have no way of being able to link the data.